Partizan and Kernel Dual Runnings Event at The Kernel Brewery

Sunday August 13th, 1pm-6pm

On Sunday we will be having an event at the brewery from 1pm-6pm. It will be an open event, no tickets or reservations.

We will be releasing a pair of beers that we made with Partizan, both called Dual Runnings.

We will be pouring these two beers, along with 2 other beers from each brewery, and 2 beers from Brew By Numbers, just for good measure. Each year for London Beer City we have held an event between the three of us, so it wouldn't feel right if Brew By Numbers were absent.

Beer List:

  • Kernel Brewery - Dual Runnings, 4.5%
  • Partizan Brewing - Dual Runnings, 13%
  • Kernel Brewery - Table Beer, 3%
  • Kernel Brewery - London Sour Damson, 5%
  • Partizan Brewing - Saison Raspberry 4%
  • Partizan Brewing - Pale Ale 5.5%
  • Brew By Numbers - 21|12 - Pale Ale - Ekuanot Rakau Wai-iti, 5.2%
  • Brew By Numbers - 22|01 - CuvĂ©e - 2017, 6.2%

For the Dual Runnings beer, we made some sweet wort at Kernel from a very simple mash. Partizan took the first runnings back to their place, and made a beer with it, while we took the final runnings, and made our own. They made a Belgian Quad, we made a mixed-culture Saison. We hope that this pair of beers will stand alone to be enjoyed as they are, complement each other as beers, and also blended together to create a third beer.